"Transportation is the most important issue facing our community. 

We need a Mayor who understands what it’s going to take to solve the challenging issues we face. I have the knowledge and experience needed to build a transportation system that works in New Westminster."
- Jonathan Cote

Jonathan will build a Transportation System that works by: 

  • Efficiently moving people and goods through our city while protecting the livability of our neighbourhoods.
  • Providing convenient and accessible transportation options to New Westminster residents.
  • Working with Regional Partners to ensure land use and transportation planning effectively address our regions complex transportation challenges.




Local Strategies

  • Ensure that the majority of growth in the city is done in areas that are within walking distance of frequent transit service.
  • Target regular and consistent traffic enforcement to discourage drivers from cutting through local neighbourhoods.
  • Explore opportunities to reduce congestion on the local street network by optimizing signal timing through the use of adaptive and real time broadband traffic technologies.travelsmart.jpg
  • Work with local neighbourhoods to achieve consensus on potential traffic calming initiatives that improve neighbourhood livability.
  • Implement policies and infrastructure that keeps regional traffic to the perimeter of the city and on major routes.
  • Increase traffic enforcement on commercial trucks to address safety and neighbourhood livability concerns.
  • Work with car share providers to increase car sharing opportunities for New Westminster residents.
  • Enhance public awareness of snow and vegetation removal responsibilities in front of their homes.
  • Prioritize and encourage the development of dense mixed use neighbourhoods in close proximity to rapid transit.
  • Explore opportunities to increase the number of electric vehicle charging stations in the city.
  • Turn Royal Avenue into a Boulevard, recognizing the residential character of the neighbourhood and the new elementary school located on this street.
  • Support "Safe Routes to School" by improving pedestrian safety in neighbourhoods in close proximity to schools
  • Ensure all bus stops that have high passenger activity have comfortable transit shelters and are accessible to all residents.
  • Implement wayfinding signage that is consistent and user friendly for all modes of transportation.
  • Support the partial deconstruction of the Front Street Parkade.

Pedestrian and Cycling Improvements

  • Improve bike route connections with neighbouring municipalities.
  • Explore opportunities to build a cyclo-cable connecting Downtown New Westminster with Tipperary Park.
  • Improve sidewalk infrastructure by increasing sidewalk coverage and improving the maintenance on the existing sidewalk network.
  • Ensure new developments incorporate urban design principles that create a walkable environment.
  • Ensure major pedestrian corridors and public spaces have protection from the rain and identify, prioritize and address locations with insufficient sidewalk coverage.
  • Accelerate and promote the city's curb letdown program to ensure the majority of intersections have adequate curb letdowns.
  • Encourage the development of key cycling routes that are comfortable for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Advocate to make cycling skills a part of the curriculum in the New Westminster School District.
  • Support "Safe Routes to School" by improving pedestrian safety in neighbourhoods in close proximity to schools.

Regional Advocacy

  • Work with Translink to implement digital "next bus" signs at high volume transit stops and eliminate transit fares for children 12 and under if accompanied by a paid adult.
  • Explore opportunities with the provincial and federal government to develop a goods movement tunnel connecting Highway 1 and the Queensborough Bridge.
  • Work with Translink to improve the schedule reliability of the bus network along 6th and 8th Streets, and to increase bus service on 12th Street, 6th Avenue, 8th Avenue and Ewen Avenue.
  • Work with Translink to create a high frequency shuttle service connecting the Downtown and Uptown neighbourhoods.digitalbussigns.jpg
  • Work with Translink to eliminate Royal Avenenue, East 8th Avenue, East Columbia Street and Ewen Avenue as regional truck routes, and to restrict or eliminate heavy truck traffic on the Pattullo Bridge.
  • Support the creation of a publicly accountable Translink board made up of individuals directly elected by the public.
  • Work with regional partners to promote the use of rail and water based transportation of goods in Metro Vancouver rather than complete reliance on trucks.
  • Support the expansion of rapid transit in Surrey and Vancouver.
  • Work with Translink to install an elevator at the Sapperton SkyTrain Station to Braid Industrial area.
  • Partner with Translink to improve the elevator at the Columbia SkyTrain Station.


Download the printable the PDF version here.