"Our Parks, Culture, and Recreation facilities are the heart and soul of our city. They are the places where neighbours meet neighbours and communities come together."
-Jonathan Cote


Jonathan will improve Parks, Culture and Recreation by:

  • Move forward with a phased approach to the redevelopment of the Canada Games Pool.CanadaGames-jpg.jpg
  • Complete the Fraser River walkway by connecting Sapperton Landing to Westminster Pier Park, Quayside Boardwalk and to Queensborough via a pedestrian bridge.
  • Explore opportunities to infuse more natural elements into city streetscape and parks.
  • Promote public art through the beautification of infrastructure without impacting usability through an RFP process for artists. There’s no reason an infrastructure like the parkade cannot be an arts showpiece. 
  • Support the development of Parklets (converting on-street parking into mini plazas) on all four major retail streets in New Westminster; 12th Street, 6th Street, Columbia St and East Columbia. 
  • Initiate a program to develop new pocket parks in neighbourhoods underserved by parks facilities.
  • Encourage and support special events, parades and festivals on public streets.
  • Encourage outdoor seating at cafes and restaurants on major commercial streets.parklet2.jpg
  • Explore opportunities to build new park spaces in the West End of the city as identified in the Comprehensive Parks Master Plan.
  • Ensure adequate public parks and green spaces are located in the Sapperton Green Development project. 
  • Install park features that are reflective of New Westminster demographics and cultural diversity. (eg. permanent ping pong tables) 
  • Explore opportunities to build a public plaza in the Uptown District.
  • Support the development of an additional artificial turf field to meet the growing community need for field use. 
  • Aggressively pursue diverse and unique funding sources to fund community improvement (eg. grants and sponsorships).


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