Idea #9 - Leverage city-owned land to build affordable housing

Build new affordable housing in New Westminster by leveraging  city-owned land and non-profit partnerships.

"In terms of responding to the Metro Vancouver housing crisis, New Westminster has been one of the most proactive cities in the region. But we need to do more to find housing solutions for people who are being shut out."  Jonathan X. Cote

The housing market in Metro Vancouver over the past decade has strained affordability in our region to the breaking point. It is up to all levels of government to work together to ensure our residents have proper housing options. The City of New Westminster has a history of using excess city land to leverage partnerships - with other levels of government, and non-profits - in order to build affordable housing. The city’s successful small lots affordable housing project has led to two new projects currently under construction in downtown New Westminster and Queensborough. We've partnered with the Community Living Society and WINGS on these projects. Moving forward our city needs to find new publicly owned sites to leverage partnerships like these and build more non-market housing. Two large sites that have potential are the Poplar Landing site at the west end of the Waterfront Esplanade, and the Gas Works site on 12th Street. These locations and others need to be explored as ways to ensure we are adding more affordable housing options for New Westminster residents.