Idea #8 - Connecting artists with mural spaces on private buildings

Support public art and murals by connecting artists with private building owners.

"Public art adds vibrancy to our neighbourhoods. We need to view blank walls and spaces as opportunities to breathe new life and artistic energy into our city." Jonathan X. Cote

Over the past five years the City of New Westminster has supported the development of new public art in our community. New pieces like "WOW Westminster" and "Floralume" have attracted a lot of attention from residents and people across Metro Vancouver, and helped to make New Westminster a leader in public art. Our partnership with the Capture Photograph Festival demonstrated how adding public art to blank walls on buildings can transform dull spaces into something exciting and beautiful. The city's public art program can go a step further, connecting interested artists with private building owners - enlivening blank walls and other spaces in our community with murals and other forms of public art.