Idea #7 - Mayor's Task Force on Local Economy

Set up a Mayor's Task Force on the Local Economy to strategically guide the city's economic development.

"New Westminster's local economy is growing and we need to keep up our momentum. As a city we are well positioned to see job growth, especially in the high tech and health care sectors. Ensuring New Westminster has a thriving local economy is one of my top priorities."  Jonathan X. Cote

Over the last decade, the City of New Westminster has seen local employment grow by approximately 15%. The City has recently produced its economic development strategy, titled "Future Forward", which outlines a five-year plan for our local economy. A Mayors Task Force will ensure this strategy remains a high priority, and will help guide the implementation the strategy. Key areas of focus for the Task Force would include:

  • Moving Forward with the Intelligent City Program
  • Creating an Economic Health Care Cluster around the Royal Columbian Hospital
  • Providing better support and customer service for local businesses
  • Encouraging stronger and more diverse retail districts in New Westminster