Idea #5 More electric vehicle (EV) charging stations

Require all new developments within the city to provide electric vehicle charging stations, and work with existing buildings to enable charging in older buildings.

"We need to make it easier for residents to make the shift to electric vehicles. Being able to charge your car at work and at home will continue to be very important in enabling citizens to choose electric vehicles." Jonathan X. Cote

In recent years the City of New Westminster has installed new public electric vehicle charging stations across the city. These public plug-ins are important, but the majority of electric vehicle owners do most of their charging at home. We need to ensure that residents have access to charging stations, particularly in multifamily areas. By implementing guidelines requiring developers to provide charging stations, we can ensure new buildings are EV ready from the onset. We are also committed to finding ways to make it easier for existing buildings to install EV stations — and ways to facilitate individual owners installing chargers in their parking stalls. Assisting stratas and landlords with best practice information would help alleviate some of the barriers to EV retrofits in parking garages and other locations.