Idea #4 - Improve air conditioning at Century House

Invest to improve the air conditioning system at Century House.

"Century House is a thriving hub for seniors in New Westminster, and it is one of our most well-used city facilities. During the hot summer months, we need to ensure that this facility continues to be comfortable and safe for seniors in our community."   Jonathan X. Cote

This year Century House turned 60. It is the oldest senior centre in Canada, with a long history in New Westminster of offering sports, activities, counselling, clubs and meals to senior residents. 

Over the past decade our summers have gotten hotter and hotter, with heat records being broken all across British Columbia. Many seniors in our community live in apartment buildings without cooling systems, and they often have to go elsewhere to find a reprieve when the city is experiencing very hot weather. Although parts of Century House have cooling systems, many of the main areas in the original building do not. Investing in Century House's air conditioning will ensure that it can be enjoyed by seniors year-round.