Idea #40 - East-West Frequent Transit Route

Advocate for a frequent transit bus route connecting Connaught Heights to Sapperton via Uptown New Westminster.

"New Westminster residents rely heavily on public transit and we need to advocate for improved bus service to keep up with the growing demand for transit in our community. Creating an East-West high frequency bus network would help link many important designations in our city"  Jonathan X. Cote

Although we have some excellent transit service in our city, including five Skytrain stations, not all neighbourhoods are well-connected with frequent transit service. One of New Westminster's top priorities for transit improvement is to increase the frequency of the bus service connecting Connaught Heights to Sapperton via Uptown. Translink defines a "frequent transit network" as transit routes that have service at least every 15 minutes in both directions throughout the day, seven days of the week. Currently our bus routes on 6th Avenue and 8th Avenue are not part of the region's FTN network. Improving transit service along 6th or 8th Avenue would help our city better connect key destinations:  schools, city facilities and important commercial and employment areas. It's critical that we work with Translink to ensure we see the bus service improvements we need in our city.