Idea #3 - More public seating

Work with the community to provide more comfortable public seating opportunities in city parks and streetscapes.

"Public seating is an important element in making our parks and public spaces more inviting  and enjoyable for residents. We want to work with neighbourhoods to find spots where we can offer more seating options that are comfortable and accessible." Jonathan X. Cote

Seating options are important for all of us in New Westminster, including families with small children and seniors who often need to take breaks along their journeys. Over the past few years the City of New Westminster has installed creative new public seating options everywhere from the waterfront Pier Park to uptown. You can now see new Adirondack chairs, benches and even hammocks in our public spaces. These new installations have been well received, giving all of us more places to rest, relax and enjoy our time outside. Moving forward, we will continue to seek out new locations and seating arrangements in neighbourhoods across the city.