Idea #39 - Engagement Hub at New Westminster Public Library

Set up interactive public engagement hubs at our libraries in New Westminster.

"We know that libraries are some of the most comfortable and welcoming spaces in our city, particularly for residents who may not be otherwise engaged in city processes. By establishing engagement hubs at our libraries, we create the opportunity for community members to provide value feedback to city and become better informed about what’s happening in their local government."  Nadine Nakagawa, Council Candidate, Team Cote

In 2016 the Mayor's Task Force on Public Engagement completed its work and released its final report on how the City of New Westminster can improve its public engagement processes. Two of the big themes that emerged were the need for the City to adopt strategies to make resident participation in public issues easier, and for the City to work harder to solicit input from voices not usually captured via traditional forms of public engagement. Our public libraries are among the most publicly accessible facilities in the city, attracting a wide demographic of people, and they are often the first point of contact a city has with new residents. These factors make libraries ideal locations for public engagement hubs. The hubs would consist of online kiosks where residents can learn more about what is happening in the city and share their thoughts. These hubs could also be places where City staff could meet residents for one-on-one engagement.