Idea #38 - Agnes Street Greenway

Move forward with the plan to build the Agnes Street Greenway that will be safe and enjoyable for all users.

"The Downtown needs  greenway connection that will suit residents of all ages and abilities; one that connects families to Qayqayt School, and that connects Victoria Hill to the retail areas downtown." - Patrick Johnstone, Council Candidate Team Cote

Agnes Street is an undervalued transportation route in Downtown New Westminster. However, it could be a focus of active transportation in New Westminster and be our first true "All Ages and Abilities" (AAA) greenway.  Agnes Street connects Qayqayt School to the nearby residential areas, and could be made a safer route for all users. A true All Ages and Abilities greenway, with widened, comfortable and accessible sidewalks—and a fully separated and protected bike route— would make it a transportation route accessible to all users, whether they’re 8 or 80. Agnes Street will connect to the cycling and pedestrian paths on the replacement Pattullo Bridge and with an enhanced connection to the Victoria Hill neighbourhood. As a greenway for all, this route will not only connect the downtown community, it will become a new, active transportation gateway to Downtown New Westminster.