Idea #36 - Rental Zoning

Find ways to use the new rental zoning tool given to municipalities to protect existing rental areas and encourage the development of new rental housing.

"I am extremely pleased that the provincial government has finally given municipalities the ability to zone for rental housing. I look forward to finding ways to use this new tool to support more rental housing in New Westminster." Jonathan X. Cote

New Westminster's Rental Housing Policy has made us a leader in the region for providing rental units. The policy has helped protect existing rental buildings from demolition, and resulted in over 1000 new rental units being built in our city. The demand for rental housing continues to grow, however, as our region saw very little rental housing built over the last few decades. Recently the provincial government has adopted legislation that gives municipalities the ability to zone for rental housing. This has the potential to make it easier to protect existing rental stock from being plowed under and turned into condo developments, and to encourage the development of purpose-built rental housing in our city.