Idea #34 - Connecting the Riverfront between Sapperton Landing and Pier Park

Complete the riverfront connection between Westminster Pier Park and Sapperton Landing.

"New Westminster’s riverfront is one of our greatest assets, and it is my goal to seamlessly connect our riverfront, and  neighbourhoods across our city, with high-quality greenways and park spaces." Jonathan X. Cote

The City of New Westminster has some amazing greenways and parks along the Fraser River. Unfortunately, some of these spaces lack linkages and connections that would make them more easily accessible to residents. One of the biggest gaps in our riverfront network is between Sapperton Landing and Westminster Pier Park. Connecting this gap along our riverfront would significantly extend the greenway along the water, and would connect almost our entire city along the Fraser River. This greenway expansion would need to be built beneath the new Pattullo Bridge and New Westminster’s rail bridge. A floating greenway — similar to one that is located on Portland’s riverfront — is being proposed to make this connection. The City of New Westminster currently owns most of the property between these two parks and would need to work with the provincial government to coordinate this connection with the installation of the new Pattullo Bridge. The City has identified some of the funding necessary, but we would also need to work with Translink, Metro Vancouver and the provincial government to secure the necessary funding for this important greenway.