Idea #32 - Implement Inclusionary Zoning

Implement an inclusionary zoning policy to ensure that all new developments include affordable, non-market housing.

"Metro Vancouver is faced with a real affordable housing crisis. Inclusionary zoning is a tool that has been used in other jurisdictions and it could be an effective tool in New Westminster to increase our supply of affordable housing."  Jonathan X. Cote

Housing affordability is one of the biggest issues facing New Westminster and the Metro Vancouver region. Inclusionary zoning, which has been used in the United States to address housing affordability, requires that a certain percentage of units in a newly built development be rented at below-market rates. In New Westminster we have been successful in negotiating non-market housing in new projects, such as in the recently approved Performing Arts Lounge, which will have 66 non-market homes dedicated to artists. Going forward New Westminster needs to move away from one-off negotiations and implement a policy that will ensure affordability is incorporated into all new developments. This policy can be used to address the need for affordable housing across a wide demographic spectrum. It would also open up opportunities for partnerships with the provincial government for more targeted affordable housing involving nonprofit operators.