Idea #30 - New Chinese Reconciliation Park

Move forward with building a new park in Downtown New Westminster that will celebrate and pay tribute to our city’s early Chinese Canadian community.

"The Chinese community historically played, and has continued to play, a vital role in building the City of New Westminster. When our city was first founded there was a thriving Chinatown located in Downtown New Westminster. This is an ideal location to build a community space to celebrate our city’s early Chinese Canadian roots." Jonathan X. Cote

Several decades ago the Chinese Benevolent Association donated a piece of land on Agnes Street in Downtown New Westminster. This site was in the heart of the original Chinatown in our city and acted as an informal community centre for New Westminster’s Chinese community. As part of the city’s Chinese Reconciliation process, the idea was raised that the land be rededicated as park space designed to pay tribute to our early Chinese Canadian community. The city has done some initial community engagement, and some design concepts have been created that would transform this space into a new public park. This is an exciting opportunity to bring a new greenspace to our community and pay tribute to the Chinese Canadians who helped shape the development of New Westminster.