Idea #2 - Free sunscreen in our parks

Partner with Health Agencies to provide free sun screen dispensers in city parks.

“My daughter Renee learned about melanoma cancer at school, and discovered a City of Toronto project where they partnered with health organizations to provide free sunscreen dispensers in city parks. The idea is a really good one and would be a great way for the City of New Westminster to champion sun safety during the summer months.”  Jonathan X. Cote

Melanoma is one of the fastest rising cancers in Canada, with over 7,000 cases diagnosed each year. We want to explore partnerships with Fraser Health and other organizations in order to emulate the City of Toronto's project, where they have installed free sun screen dispensers in their public parks. Our goal would be to place similar dispensers in City of New Westminster parks that are particularly busy in the summer months — raising awareness about sun safety among New West residents, and providing those who may have forgotten their sunscreen the ability to play safely in the sun.