Idea #26 - Cohousing

Make it easier to facilitate the development of cohousing in New Westminster to help address housing affordability and community isolation.

"We need creative solutions to address the housing crisis. Cohousing creates intentional community and has myriad potential benefits. I would like to see this housing form flourish in New Westminster." Team Cote Council Candidate Nadine Nakagawa

Housing insecurity is affecting an ever-greater segment of our community. At the same time, many people feel socially isolated and disconnected. Co-housing has the potential to address both these issues.Co-housing​ originated in Denmark and is described as a housing form that combines the privacy of having your own home with the advantages of shared community spaces and amenities. These amenities may include a shared kitchen and dining room, children’s playrooms, workshops and craft rooms, guest rooms, and offices. Cohousing involves residents in planning and management and helps to build community. The intergenerational nature of cohousing has potential benefits such as assistance for seniors who want to age in their community and for families who may need additional community support. The City of New Westminster should work with interested residents and explore ways to initiate cohousing developments.