Idea #25 - Q2Q Ferry

Continue the Q2Q Ferry as a regular year-round transportation service connecting Queensborough to the Quayside.

"The pilot Q2Q ferry service has been a huge success and demonstrated the benefits of linking the Queensborough neighbourhood to mainland New Westminster. We should continue providing this important transportation and recreation link for our communities." Jonathan X. Cote

Last May the City of New Westminster started its second year of piloting the Queensborough to Quayside ferry. This year's program has been hugely successful, with estimates that over 50,000 passengers will have used the service between May and October. The Q2Q ferry has helped to expand the recreational opportunities along our riverfront for residents, and become an important link between neighbourhoods separated by the Fraser. We know there is a strong need for this ferry service between spring and fall; extending this year’s pilot program through the winter will show whether there is a need to run this service year-round. The city should also seek partnership with Translink to integrate this service into our public transit network, coordinating the fares into a compatible system.