Idea #24 - Explore new technologies in traffic control sensors

Use sensors and smart cameras to better manage traffic flow and improve pedestrian safety.

"We need to take advantage of new smart technologies to better manage the traffic flows in our community, and to make it easier for residents to get around during busy times of the day."  Jonathan X. Cote

New Westminster has been a leader in the Intelligent Community Forum movement that aims to create better cities, and was named a 2017 Smart21 community by the ICF. We need to build on the work we've done by using new technologies to help our city run more efficiently. One helpful development is the advent of new types of traffic-monitoring sensors and smart cameras. Placing these along key routes in New Westminster would allow the City to collect real-time data, and ultimately help us ensure that our busy road network is working as efficiently as possible—with improved traffic flow and greater safety for pedestrians.