Idea #22 - Outdoor Community Movie Theater

Install a permanent outdoor community movie theatre in one of our local parks.

"Showing outdoor movies in our parks is a great way to bring the community together and provide residents of all ages some local entertainment during the summer months. I love the outdoor theatre that has been built in Bellingham, Washington and I think something similar could work in New Westminster."

This past summer a resident suggested that I look into the outdoor movie theatre in Fairhaven, a historic neighbourhood on the south side of the city of Bellingham in Washington State. It just happened that I was going to be in the area on a family vacation over Labour Day weekend, so we made a point of dropping into Fairhaven to have a look. Built in 2003, the Fairhaven Village Green is a beautiful little park in the centre of town that features a permanent cinema wall. Every week during the summer months, popular family movies play in the evening, drawing about 400 to 700 people to the square. New Westminster has operated movie nights in our parks very successfully over the years, and this type of infrastructure could enhance that community experience and make a great addition to one of our city parks.