Idea # 21 - Community Police Liaison Officers

Create community police liaison officers to build relationships and develop closer connections with New Westminster's unique neighbourhoods.

"The New Westminster Police Department has a strong history of working closely with local residents on issues of public safety. Appointing Community Liaison Officers would enhance connections with neighbourhoods, and allow our police department to develop even stronger relationships with the community." Jonathan X. Cote

The New Westminster Police Department (NWPD) has worked hard over the years to develop excellent relationships with the community. The NWPD is as diverse as the community it serves, with staff and members able to speak 16 different languages. Since 1981 the New Westminster Community Policing Committee has been a forum for residents to collaborate with their local police on crime and safety issues. To build on this history of community engagement, this idea proposes dividing the city into five zones — Queensborough, West, East, Uptown & Downtown — and assigning individual constables to become Community Police Liaison Officers for each one. These liaison officers would develop close relationships with these areas, and be well-positioned to respond to their unique public safety concerns.