Idea #20 - Business Ambassador

Create a Business Ambassador at City Hall to support local businesses and make it easier to do business in the City of New Westminster.

"Running a small business is hard work, and we need to find ways to make it easier for local businesses to be supported by the city. A Business Ambassador would be there to make sure working with the city is as easy and straightforward as possible."  Jonathan X. Cote

The City of New Westminster recently produced its economic development strategy, titled "Future Forward". One of the suggestions that we heard from local businesses during that process was that small businesses would like to see better support from city hall to ensure they can be successful in serving our community. A Business Ambassador at City Hall could be their one-stop point of contact for interacting with the city and receiving support, demystifying the business and development process at City Hall. A Business Ambassador could assist by connecting entrepreneurs with resources and ensuring new and existing businesses have an advocate supporting them in the city.