Idea #1 - Solar Garden

Move forward with building New Westminster's second community Solar Garden.

“Our first solar garden has been a great success for New Westminster residents and the environment, and I’m committed to expanding the project further”.  Jonathan X. Cote

What is a community solar garden? It’s an array of photovoltaic panels that “harvests” energy from the sun, and gives made-in-New West renewable energy to local residents, businesses and nonprofits.

The City of New Westminster launched its first solar garden in July of 2018, located on the roof of  the Queensborough Community Centre. The first of its kind in Metro Vancouver, it’s been a win-win for residents interested in sustainable energy. It allows residents who may not be able to install solar panels on their home the ability to invest in them through the city— and receive a credit for the energy generated by the Urban Solar Garden to their electricity bill. The program is a cost-effective way to produce clean, sustainable energy at the local level. The city has already identified rooftops on several other civic facilities that could be future locations for Urban Solar Gardens.