Idea # 19 - Create an Online Community Arts and Events Calendar

Create an online Arts and Events Calendar to help promote the various cultural events in our community.

"How do we find out what's going on in New Westminster? Most of us don't have time to scour social media, check out the paper or ask our friends. Our community needs a simple way to find out what's happening—something that organizations can easily update with their exciting events, and that we the community can always rely on." Mary Trentadue, Council Candidate on Team Cote

There is always so much going on in this City. Whether it's a concert, theatrical performance, gallery opening or poetry reading, the comment I've most often heard lately is "I didn't know it was happening." We have such a diverse and eclectic artistic community that is busy creating new works for us all the time. For our community to have the best chance of supporting these endeavours, the first step is ensuring people know about them. We need an online events listing calendar that everyone knows about, can share on social media and is the place to go to for art events, festival and community happenings. It would be beneficial and supportive for the City to support building such an online calendar— one that artists and community groups can easily post their events on, and that is easy for the entire New Westminster community to access.