Idea #18 - Expanded Loonie Program

Expand the city's Loonie Recreation Program to offer a $1 dollar drop-in recreational program every day of the week.

"We want all New Westminster residents to have access to the city's excellent recreation services. Expanding the Loonie Recreation Program will remove barriers and give everyone a chance to stay active and try new activities." Chinu Das, Council Candidate on Team Cote

The City of New Westminster has long offered a range of low-cost programs and services through our Parks and Recreation Department. One of the more popular programs is the city's Loonie Swim and Skate program, where residents can participate in these drop-in sessions for only one dollar. We could consider expanding this program to other recreational activities, so that every day of the week there would be an activity that residents can participate in for that nominal fee. This program would be available to children, youth, adults and seniors and be accessed in all of our Parks and Recreation facilities.