Idea #16 - Autonomous Vehicle Strategy

Amend the City's Master Transportation Plan to include a strategy to address ongoing advancements in autonomous vehicle technology.

"New Westminster needs to be prepared for emerging technologies like autonomous vehicles. Autonomous vehicles have the potential to make a huge impact on how people get around. It's critical that we begin planning now to ensure our community is ready."  Jonathan Cote

In the next 10 years it is likely that we will begin to see autonomous vehicles on our streets. This technology presents opportunities for increased transportation options, but if it is not integrated properly we could see negative impacts on our community. New Westminster's Master Transportation Plan currently does not contemplate this emerging technology and its impacts on transportation in our city and region. It is critical that we begin to develop a strategy on how we would want to integrate autonomous vehicles into our transportation system—ensuring that safety for pedestrians and vehicle occupants are at the forefront of discussions, and that sustainable modes of  transportation like walking, cycling and public transit are not negatively impacted by this technology.