Idea #15 - Upgrade and Improve Columbia Skytrain Station

Advocate for major improvements to the Columbia Skytrain Station to improve station accessibility and address neighbourhood noise concerns.

"Columbia Skytrain Station is an important and busy rapid transit station in our community, but its current design falls short on meeting the needs of the community. This station needs many upgrades, especially to improve accessibility. We need to make it easier for people of varying levels of mobility to use this important transit hub."  Chinu Das, Council Candidate on Team Cote

The Columbia Skytrain Station was built during the initial construction of the Expo Line over thirty years ago. It still serves as an important junction for the Expo and Millennium Skytrain Lines, and its location in downtown New Westminster has made it one of the most well-used stations in the system. Unfortunately the station’s design is outdated. It is a source of noise for people in the surrounding area, and no longer meets today’s accessibility standards. We anticipate that TransLink will have more funding available to make Skytrain Station improvements in the near future, and it is important that the City of New Westminster advocate that some of these funds be used to improve Columbia Skytrain Station's deficiencies in accessibility, community linkages and neighbourhood noise impacts.