Idea #13 - Build the City’s first Pollinator Pasture

Build New Westminster’s first Pollinator Pasture on an under-utilized greenspace.

"In an urban area like New Westminster, we need to be creative in providing habitat for the flora and fauna that support our environment, A Pollinator Pasture can be an inexpensive but valuable link in making our community healthier and more beautiful."  Patrick Johnstone, Council Candidate on Team Cote

New Westminster is a historic city, and like most urbanized areas, we run the risk of disconnection from the natural environment that supports us. While we cherish our reserve areas like Glenbrook Ravine and the Brunette River, from an ecological point of view they are struggling to remain healthy. These important green oases make our City more livable for residents, but unless the habitats are connected and healthy, they will not sustain our native flora and fauna . A Pollinator Pasture —where an underused green space is converted to a meadow of wildflowers and other pollinating plants — can provide an important ecological refuge for beneficial insects and birds, and help bridge the gaps between our existing natural areas. It is an inexpensive way to connect New Westminster residents to nature, while making our community more healthy and beautiful.