Idea #12 - Develop a plan to turn Sixth Street into a Great Street

Work with the community to develop a Great Street Plan for Sixth Street in uptown New Westminster.

"Sixth Street in Uptown is one of the busiest commercial areas in New Westminster. This street has a lot of potential to be an attractive, pedestrian-friendly high street where people want to shop, socialize and recreate."  Jonathan X. Cote

The City of New Westminster Master Transportation Plan identified Sixth Street as a prime location in the community for a great street.  Great streets are places where pedestrians feel safe, where there is room for seating and leisure, and where there are opportunities for people to enjoy themselves. Over the past 10 years, our city has upgraded the commercial pedestrian areas on Twelfth Street, Ewen Avenue, East Columbia Street and Columbia Street. It's now time to focus our attention on Sixth Street and begin to imagine how we can improve this streetscape, and make it an even more desirable commercial avenue. Improvements that should be considered include wider sidewalks, potential activities, places to rest, street trees, weather protection and other amenities to enhance the Uptown experience for residents and visitors.