Idea #11 - Connect Sapperton Skytrain Station to Braid Industrial area

Work with TransLink to provide proper access between the Sapperton Skytrain Station and Braid Industrial area.

"The Sapperton Skytrain Station needs to have proper access to the Braid Industrial area. This connection will help employees access our transit system and give residents better access to our Riverfront greenway and park system."  Jonathan X. Cote

The Sapperton Skytrain Station is an important rapid transit station for our community. Unfortunately the station does not give residents of Sapperton convenient access to the Braid Industrial Area. Building a proper connection between the station and the Braid Industrial area would give the many employees that work here better access to rapid transit, and also serve as an important connection between the Sapperton neighbourhood and Sapperton Landing Park. In future years this area will be connected to our expanding riverfront greenway system, and we need to ensure this amenity is easily accessible to residents.