Idea #10 - Build mini-parks in underserved areas in the city

Build mini-parks to help ensure all New Westminster residents are within a 5-minute walking distance from park space.

"New Westminster is fortunate to have a wonderful park system, but some neighbourhoods still don't have easy access to parks. Building mini-parks in underserved areas would be a great way to ensure our residents can have access to park spaces."  Jonathan X. Cote

The City of New Westminster has 44 parks in its inventory. The majority of residents in the city live within a five minute walk to a park, but some do not. Last year, after hearing concerns from residents in the Brow of the Hill neighbourhood, the City began planning a mini-park in that neighbourhood. This small park is making innovative use of both a city boulevard and land provided by a local church. It's a great example of a way that cities can quickly and cost effectively find partnerships to address public needs for greenspace. Our goal would be to work with the community to identify underserved areas and find creative opportunities to build mini-parks.