Idea #49 - Earth Day New West

Coordinate an Earth Day celebration in New Westminster that connects residents with activities such as neighbourhood cleanups and tree planting.

"We all want to make a difference and help New Westminster become a more sustainable community. Let's bring the community together on Earth Day to celebrate the actions we can take locally to restore and protect the environment."  Jonathan X. Cote

I had a wonderful discussion with my daughters several weeks ago about the 50 IDEAS campaign. They were all very excited and wanted to put forward ideas on how to build a better community. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but my two oldest daughters put a lot of thought into this and made some really good suggestions —such as idea #2 from Renee, based in her learning about melanoma risks: free sunscreen in our parks! My middle daughter Leah, who is very concerned about the environment, made the suggestion that we should do more to celebrate Earth Day in New Westminster. She felt it would be the perfect day to connect residents with activities that could help build a greener New Westminster. As a father who cares deeply about the planet that my children and future generations are going to inherit, I couldn’t agree more.