Idea #48- Lower 12th Street Creative Economic Zone

Develop a Lower 12th Street plan to create a mixed-use neighbourhood focused on creative employment.

"The Lower 12th Street neighbourhood will see many changes over the next few decades. We need to ensure we are building a plan for this area that encourages and fosters new employment land uses." Jonathan X. Cote

Located adjacent to Downtown New Westminster, Lower 12th Street is anticipated to go through a significant transition over the next few decades. This provides an interesting opportunity to the City of New Westminster to encourage a new district in our city focused on creative employment. Although an influx of new residences will help bring new life to the area, it’s important that this neighbourhood offer a mix of employment and residential uses. Lower 12th Street would be an idea location to attract new businesses that are looking for a more urban environment, and that need excellent access to public transit. This mixed-use zone could be a location that fosters knowledge-based and creative industries. As the Lower 12th Street area changes, we need to have a plan in place to encourage the right mix of residential, commercial, retail and light industry.