Idea #44 - “Shop Local” Days in New West

Partner with local BIAs and merchant associations to create a series of “Shop Local” days in New Westminster.

"We have some wonderful commercial main streets in New Westminster. I would like to work with our local retailers to encourage our residents to do more of their shopping locally."  Jonathan X. Cote

New Westminster is the oldest city in Metro Vancouver, and we are fortunate to have some wonderful traditional main streets. These streets are filled with many great shops and retail businesses, but running such an enterprise can be challenging — especially in today’s retail market that faces online competition. Our retail streets are part of the heart and soul of our community, and it’s important that they are supported. To raise awareness about the importance of shopping local, the City could work with the BIAs and merchant associations to develop and sponsor a series of "Shop Local" days that encourage, residents to discover the great retailers in our community. These could happen several times a year, and during these days the City could assist with marketing, provide limited free street parking and allow businesses to bring their businesses out onto the sidewalks.