Idea #43 - Outdoor Community Oven

Build an outdoor community oven in one of our popular city parks.

"Nothing brings a community together like food. New Westminster could follow the example of other communities that have transformed public spaces with community ovens, creating inclusive venues for food education, festivals, and enjoyment."  Jonathan X. Cote

In New Westminster we're fortunate to have so many parks: we have 44 of them in locations across our city. These parks are valued places for residents to gather and connect. In 2012 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, a community group worked with the City of Dartmouth to build an outdoor community oven in one of their parks. The community now hosts dozens of events annually around the oven, including bread-making, pizza parties and taco feasts featuring hand-made tortillas. Community ovens can be used for "open oven" gatherings where the oven can be accessed by any community member, or be reserved for private bookings or community festivals. This type of community resource would make a wonderful addition to one of our parks in New Westminster, and help bring residents together around something we all love: food.