"People are feeling disconnected with the decision making processes of local government and I want to ensure our city works harder at having genuine and meaningful dialogue with our residents. Cities need to change the way we have a conversation with our residents, we need to leave city hall and get out into the community where people are."
-Jonathan Cote  

Public Engagement

  • Use online technology to make it easy and convenient for the public to provide feedback to city council.CityEngagementTruck.jpg
  • Ensure more information and statistical data is available to the public by creating an open and accessible data program.
  • Implement a participatory budgeting process to allow residents more opportunities to engage in local government decision-making and help develop the city’s priorities during budget discussions.
  • Implement a community engagement vehicle to appear at street festivals and busy areas in the city where people can provide input to the city and can actually conduct simple business with the city, like paying a bill or getting a dog license. 
  • Host community forums to bring members of neighbourhoods together to share ideas about the future of their city in a friendly environment.
  • Use public spaces to allow residents to share ideas and have conversations about our city. Simple tools such as chalkboards can transform underutilized city surfaces into places to exchange ideas. 
  • Convene a Citizen’s Panel to research and recommend an improved modern community grant process
  • Work with the School District to develop a program to engage students in late elementary or middle school in the City's decision-making processescellphoneengagement.png
  • Work with residential neighbourhoods to make laneways more attractive areas for neighbourhood interaction and transportation.
  • Create a "Mayor's Blog" to help inform residents about what the city is working on.


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